ConnectORG – Key Features

Search Colleagues

Discover right people & make right connections. Built-in search functionality helps you to find people and provide better access which helps to collaborate effectively across departments, locations and time zones. Search Colleagues By Department, Office Location, Job Title, Skills etc.

Activities & Timeline

  • Powerful intergration with Yammer Newsfeed to track important activities of your key connections and stay synchronized with your community posts.
  • Keep your discussions / posts / activities organized in one place and protected so you can stay on top of what’s happening.
  • Know your followers.

Explore Business Profile

Get an in-depth view of business employee profile which helps to identify key individuals in your organization with right expertise.

Participants would be able to self-update their profile by addition of new skills or certifications or documents.

Promoting wider user adoption, by having a simple yet robust gamification strategy.

  • Summary
  • Business Line
  • Skills
  • Past Project
  • Experience

Instant Messaging

  • ConnectORG is integrated with Skype for Business.
  • Allows the user to seamlessly to connect and interact with other members/colleagues from Member Profiles and from Search screens.


  • ConnectORG provides seamless integration with a powerful Gamification module.
  • The module includes points and badges – similar to Yammer styled badges.
  • Gamification feature provides users with reward points and badges in recognition of their contribution, as well as get featured on Leaderboards.
  • The experience also allows users to convert reward points to virtual currency and redeem for physical rewards from Rewards Stores.