netDocShare – Live View & Edit NetDocuments content in Teams, SharePoint and Web apps

netDocShare provides your firm with the ability to live view and edit any NetDocuments content within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or your favorite web application. You can simply pin netDocShare app on Teams Navigation bar or add to Team Channel Tab or add to a SharePoint page or Web application page to view NetDocuments content stored in Cabinets, Workspaces, Folders / Sub-Folders, CollabSpaces, Saved Searches and Filters.Learn more


KLoBot provides a unique drag+drop Bot Builder experience that allows your business to deploy enterprise-ready intelligent chatbots within hours for any use case or channel. KLoBot supports both cloud and on-premises deployment. Best of all KLoBot AI chatbots are enabled with robust security controls and provides an feature rich admin console.  Learn more

SharePoint Responsive Web Apps

KLST has strong, proven experience with pre-built Responsive an Fluid Grids that can help with quick implementation as well as save on costs. KLST has developed its own SharePoint 2013/2016/Online based RWD Framework called “Responsive101” built on the Bootstrap framework. Using the CSS media query capability implemented in all modern browsers, and based on the screen dimensions of the specific device.  Learn more



Legal101 Intranet portal accelerates employee productivity, and draws more value out of your investment in SharePoint® and Office 365™ by providing the core workspace functionality needed by your firm, without the complexity, cost and risk associated with a custom-built solution. Learn more


Hybrid Mobile apps

Hybrid mobile apps are like any other apps, with the key difference being, they are hosted inside a native application that utilizes a mobile platform’s WebView. They app can be created, developed once and deployed across various platforms – without having the necessity to target a single native OS.  Learn more



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